Aspiring Midwife Can Focus on Rigorous Schoolwork Thanks to Scholarship

Samantha Garmon
Danville Area Community College

Samantha Garmon’s little sister, Kailee, played a huge role in her career decision.

When Kailee was born in 2002 at just 11 ounces, her tiny body was rushed off to the NICU, or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. For months, her family worried, visited, and prayed. Today, Kailee is nine. While she has some lingering health issues, she is now stable and leading a relatively normal life.

Samantha was 11 years old when Kailee was born and her NICU experiences bolstered her life-long dream of becoming a nurse, especially one that worked with babies.

Then enter Shelly, Samantha’s aunt, who recently earned her nursing degree. Now working at the Danville VA Hospital, Shelly put herself through nursing school later in life after raising a family. She encouraged Samantha to pursue her dream and provided a deep source of inspiration for her.

Now a second year Danville Area Community College (DACC) student, Samantha plans to apply to the Lakeview Nursing School this fall for a two-year program. At DACC, her coursework is rigorous, filled with intensive classes on anatomy, physiology, chemistry, medical terminology (her favorite), microbiology, and psychology. Her course load is 19 hours, making a side job in addition to her studies impossible.

“My course load is heavy and hard and my studies require most of my time. With the Christie Foundation’s support I do not need to also carry a job. I can focus on school.”

After graduating from DACC then Lakeview, she will be a registered nurse, then through her hospital experiences and placements will specialize in midwifery. Some day, she also hopes to pursue a Master’s degree.

Ultimately, she dreams of going into private practice not far from her family in east central Illinois. She also plans to stay connected to the Christie Foundation to help give others opportunities like the Foundation has given her.